Industrial Surge Protection for Your Whole Home & Business

  • Panel Protection

  • Cable/Phone Protection

  • A/C Protection

  • Pool Equipment Protection

With surge protectors the life of your appliances will last longer, because they are being protected from inconsistent voltage. 70% of power surges come from your own home when large appliances, like your pool pump, air conditioner, or refrigerator turn on and off.


Nowadays all appliances have electronics in them like computers, so we try to protect all major appliances that are expensive and a hassle to replace. 


You Don't have the Power to Control the Weather, But You Can Still have POWER!

Imagine your life without power, generators can ensure automatic backup power for your home to protect your family and appliances during a power outage. They will continue to run until power is restored.


The size of the generator depends on your needs, from basic power of lights and refrigeration to powering the whole house. So no more rushing to eat all the ice-cream in the freezer before it all melts.