LED Lighting

Convert your lighting over to LED and make the world a brighter place. LEDs are more energy efficient, provide higher quality lighting, and are more environmentally friendly. As a bonus they’ll save you money on your utility bill and they’ve been proven to last longer, so no more arguing over changing the light bulbs.   

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Inside Accent Cabinet Lighting

Inside Accent Cabinet Lighting

Custom LED Bed Lighting

Custom LED Bed Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Nook Lighting

Nook Lighting

Improve the ambiance and look of your home by installing accent lighting. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling your current home, adding cabinet lighting can give unique distinction to any kitchen or office. They can provide ample illumination in dark areas without having to waste electricity on brighter bulbs and help provide light for the midnight snacker. 

Smart home integration

Install a smart lighting system by starting with smart switches that are as convenient and easy to use as a regular light switch. Instead of just an on/off feature, you now get the benefits of remote control, scheduling and automation, so no more getting out of bed to turn on the fan.    

ring doorbell.jpg

Ring Video Doorbell

  • Get alerts automatically to your phone when doorbell is pressed or motion is detected!

  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or PC!

  • Help protect your home and family from intruders, package thieves, or unwanted guest!  

wireless speaker light.jpg

Bluetooth Speaker Light

  • Connect up to 8 lights at a time and control everything from your phone!

  • Install in your kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom or patio!

  • LED light bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient which saves $$$!

Ring Floodlight.jpg

Ring Floodlight Camera

  • Monitor your property with motion activated alerts and live video with 2-way talk!

  • Shine your lights on all your blind spots to keep an eye on your property night or day!

  • Activate the siren from your smart device to scare away any suspicious characters!

color light.jpg

LED Color Changing Light

  • Create the party scene for you and your friends all from your smart device!

  • Install in your kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom or patio!

  • 15 color and 6 white light temperatures options!


Nest Smoke Detector

  • Get alerts to your phone to know when a problem arises no matter where you are!

  • If a fire occurs can shut off furnace, turn on lights automatically and tell you the location of the fire!

  • Silence the alert with your phone instead of hitting it with a broom!


Outlets with USB ports

  • Make charging all your devices easier by installing this inexpensive and extremely useful modification.

  • Skip the USB adapter and charge your device directly from the outlet or keep all your devices neatly tucked away with USB ports installed in a drawer or cabinet.